Training & Consultancy

At 52Fridays, we understand that outsourcing your marketing is not always the right solution. Our training and consultation services are designed to close skill gaps and add practical, applicable knowledge, where it really counts.

Built completely bespoke to your needs, each training and consultancy package will cover only the subjects you request, at the level of expertise you need. You will be provided actionable outcomes to follow up with – not just empty insights. The trainer or consultant you work with will be selected for their hands on, demonstrated expertise in your chosen subjects – not just their seniority.

What’s the difference between training and consultancy? Simply put, our training services are designed to upskill your team, so you can deliver your own marketing. Our consultancy, is designed to help you overcome a particular issue or plan growth for the future.

We can cover all facets of digital marketing and host our sessions on our own, or your own premises – or if you would prefer, remotely via a VOIP solution.

“The team at 52Fridays have been incredibly helpful, providing constant support and advising on best practice always. In 2017, they helped untake a huge project of implementing GTIN’s, according to best practice. As a result, we have been able to really capitalise on PPC as a revenue driving channel” – Kim Medhurst, Product and Purchasing Manager @ Equine Superstore

Before we can deliver effective training or consultancy, we need to properly understand your needs. There is no such thing as a pre-packaged product at 52Fridays, everything we do is bespoke to our partners. Getting to grips with your current situation, objectives and expected training outcomes gives us the context we need to tailor our solution to your requirements.

We’ll review several quantitative and qualitative factors before building your training, then outline how things will look. Most of the time, this involves researching and analysing your current marketing performance, assessing skill gaps and looking for trends in activity.

When we are confident we have enough information to tailor our training package to your needs, we will begin building materials and mapping out your learning journey. Our goal is to deliver insightful, thought provoking training that will result in actionable outcomes and tangible improvements to your businesses marketing strategies.

Like everything else we offer, delivery of your training is tailored entirely to your own needs. Our spacious headquarters is situated on the A23, easily accessible and well equipped to handle parties of all sizes. Alternatively, we’ll happily travel to your own premises to meet with your team on familiar ground. If travel isn’t an option, we can host our sessions online with digitally distributed material.

Helping you deliver excellent results is our primary objective. We follow up all our training and consultancy with a check to ensure your business got the boost it needed. If it didn’t, we’ll work with you to make sure we close that gap.

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