Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to the process of acquiring free web traffic from search engines, such as Google and Bing. Unlike pay-per-click, SEO is not a form of advertising. Rather, it is an optimisation of key elements of your website, in alignment with best practice; usability and search engine preferences.

With often thousands of websites trying to rank for the same keywords, how do search engines determine the order in which these websites appear? They want to return the best, most relevant, trustworthy and authoritative results for searchers at the top. The framework of SEO involves optimising websites around these elements, in order to bring the best out of them. It is this ethos and approach, that 52Fridays takes with each and every customer.

SEO is key to sustainable and long term success. It is the foundation of any successful website and synchronous with great user experience, quality content and technical best practice.

“With our organic traffic suffering quite a lot due to an unanticipated algorithm update in 2018, the 52Fridays team worked to close our year on year traffic deficit by January 2019. As a result we also saw a 22% increase in revenue in January compared to last year. The team have completed technical audits, advising us on improvements and ensuring we were following up to date best practice” – Nick Bending, Retail Director @ Equine Superstore

We tasked the 52Fridays Team with carrying out web migration with a view to improving organic deficit of Dogs and Puppies, which had been in decline for the past year. With their expertise, 52Fridays made multiple improvements to UX, structure, internal linking, page speed etc. This resulted in moving a -55% organic deficit at point of migration (July ’18) to +22% last month (Jan ’19). Jan was also the first time the site had achieved in excess of 100,000 organic sessions since Oct ’17 which is a huge step forward for us! – Spencer Thomas, Marketing Executive @ Dogs and Puppies

Websites that have particular technical characteristics, will send positive signals to search engines that crawl them. Technical SEO is the process of auditing, optimising and regularly reviewing these characteristics. Elements such as website speed, mobile friendliness and website security all play a key role, so good SEO goes hand in hand with good user experience.

Web content (text, images, videos etc) plays a huge part in how well a site performs in organic search. It is vital that every page on your site is packed with useful, informative content, that is genuinely helpful to your potential customers. It should exude your expertise, and provide users with information within their purchasing journey that they can trust. Such elements are critical to search engine success.

Search engines care about what is happening off your website, as well as on it. Elements such as which websites link back to or mention yours, send significant signals to Google on authority and trust. Content marketing and digital PR are two effective strategies used to build such signals. It’s vital you are being linked to and talked about on other relevant websites. Gone are the days when quantity prevailed over quality, the game has changed. In 2019 the key to success is being linked to and mentioned on high authority sites. Not only will this positively influence your keyword rankings, but your presence on the web will be bolstering your brand recognition.

The most important factor of a successful digital campaign is comprehension of your audience, market and objectives. We’ll kick things off by working with you to understand these points in as much detail as you can give us. We’ll discuss your targets, your key focuses and your short and long term plans – then advise you on whether SEO is a sensible investment.

Having understood your objectives, we will outline the opportunities available to you. Using best practice methodology and our suite of software, we will audit both on-site and off-site factors to gauge your existing position. Considering factors such as your existing backlinks and citations; your website content and your technical optimisation – we’ll build a suite of recommendations for improvement.

This is where it gets exciting. If you want to work with us, we’ll build a comprehensive strategy for you, or preferably, with you. This will detail our key measures, objectives and timelines – as well as all the technical details of how we will achieve them. We want this to be crystal clear and as effective as possible, so collaboration with your own team is ideal at this stage. If you want us to take the lead entirely, that’s fine too.

Once a strategy is agreed, our experts will get to work on delivering your campaigns. We live and breathe what we do, so you are in safe hands. Depending on the services you have chosen, we will be regularly reviewing the quality of your content; creating new copy; optimising your backlink and citation portfolio and of course, keeping up to date with important and impactful algorithm changes. You can work directly with us on changes, or we will handle the whole project – we’ll flex to your preferences.

Each of our partners receives a detailed monthly report, summarising results; activity and next steps. We don’t like to stagnate, so you will find were often suggesting new ways to grow your campaigns or improve your results. If you’re happy where you are, we’ll just keep optimising for the best results possible. Our team keeps up to date with the industry so you don’t have to – if anything requires a change, we’ll be straight on top of it as part of the service.

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