Paid Media

Highly targetable, completely measurable and widely proven to be lucrative – paid media is one of the most effective marketing channels of the digital era. Most commonly charged on a cost-per-click basis, you can rest assured your advertising budget will produce a tangible result at each interaction.

Working across channels such as Google, Bing, Facebook and Instagram, we create adverts tailored to your branding, objectives and target audience. It’s critical we collaborate with you to understand your market, this allows us to use powerful targeting options to get your creatives in front of the best audience.

Paid media is a fast, dynamic solution to increase web traffic and sales. It perfectly compliments a sustainable SEO strategy; a reliable interim to retain traffic during turbulent times and a powerful tool for growing your business.

52Fridays takes a bespoke approach to everything we do, we know digital marketing isn’t “one-size-fits-all”, so we work to build a strategy that is effective for your business. Our experts have experience working with budgets ranging from hundreds to millions; businesses from local to multinational and markets from niche marketplaces to finance. We all share one goal: to provide our partners with transparent marketing campaigns that deliver results.

“The 52Fridays PPC Team have played a key role in improving the traffic on Horseclicks throughout 2018 and provided us with a 175% increase in traffic for just 12% increase in spend. The increase in traffic driven by the PPC team also lead to a 50% increase in transactions which made a significant impact on our budget figures. The team are knowledgeable, professional  and very easy to deal with!” – Janna Brodie, Marketing Manager @ Horseclicks

“We started working with the 52 Fridays PPC team last year to undertake a variety of paid media campaigns as our department did not have the expertise. They started a targeted DSA campaign, and revamped our search campaigns, which saw an increase in web traffic of over 170%! An added bonus was a more diverse audience pool to reach with only a 27% increase in spending” – Edd Saunders, Marketing Executive @ Boats & Outboards

Search advertising is arguably the most targeted way to drive web traffic. Reach your audience when they are searching for terms valuable to your business, then show them the exact message you desire. You only pay when they click through to your website, putting your marketing budget to highly efficient use. We can help you take competitive market share, on hugely popular search engines such as Google or Bing.

Social Media advertising is a great way of getting your audience to interact with your brand. Platforms such as Facebook or Instagram make it very easy to target a large, engaged audience that will interact with your custom built ads. Most social media platforms offer an ad service, so we can choose the one that best positions us to reach your target audience.

Display advertising is a great way to increase your brands recognition, which allows you to reach vast audiences through segmented targeting on huge partner networks. We can define your audience through their interests, web activity or demographic – then get your message across through creative, engaging graphics.

The most important factor of a successful digital campaign is comprehension of your audience, market and objectives. We’ll kick things off by working with you to understand these points in as much detail as you can give us. If you’re not sure paid media is the right investment for you, we’ll happily advise you before you spend a penny. Our priority is creating effective campaigns, not inflating our bottom line.

Having understood your objectives, we will outline the opportunities available to you. Using best practice methodology and our suite of software, we will research your market and estimate metrics such as available audience size, available traffic and the cost of each transaction. Though only predictive, our forecasts will indicate your potential return on various options of investment.

This is where it gets exciting. If you want to work with us, we’ll build a comprehensive strategy for you, or preferably, with you. This will detail our key measures, objectives and timelines – as well as all the technical details of how we will achieve them. We want this to be crystal clear and as effective as possible, so collaboration with your own team is ideal at this stage. If you want us to take the lead entirely, that’s fine too.

Once a strategy is agreed, our experts will get to work on delivering your campaigns. We live and breathe what we do, so you are in safe hands. We will regularly optimise your ad copy, bid prices and targeting options to make sure your ads are performing as well as they can to reach your objectives. We don’t work with account managers, so if you want a say in how we are operating – you can go straight to the source.

Each of our partners receives a detailed monthly report, summarising results; activity and next steps. We don’t like to stagnate, so you will find were often suggesting new ways to grow your campaigns or improve your results. If you’re happy where you are, we’ll just keep optimising for the best results possible. Our team keeps up to date with the industry so you don’t have to – if anything requires a change, we’ll be straight on top of it as part of the service.

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