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by | Mar 1, 2019

After several months of hard work and a good few years of preparation – we are happy to announce that today, we are launching our own digital marketing agency, 52Fridays. A sister company to Friday Media Group, our performance-focused team is positioned to bring top-tier digital campaigns to our valued partners.

We specialise in all aspects of paid media advertising and search engine optimisation. It’s not a new product, in fact, it’s arguably a saturated market, so why are joining the fray? Our vision is a little bit different, it’s not about what we do, it’s about why we’re doing it.

We believe in building long-term results, not driving short term sales. We believe in healthy partnerships, not in distant clients. Most importantly, we believe in full transparency, not in exaggerated promises.

With our extensive agency backgrounds, so we are no stranger to hard work at the highest quality. Our strength lies in bringing our expertise into context for our partners, delivering campaigns that are tailor-focused to objectives, not just budgets.


We work to optimise PPC performance at a granular level, while ensuring we don’t look at it in isolation. The key to a great PPC strategy is always working with our clients to utilize it as a channel in a way that aligns to their business goals

Olwyn Walsh,

Paid Media Manager

Quality comes at the forefront of every single action we take. We understand that a seamless digital experience is intrinsic to an effective marketing campaign, which can only be delivered if we truly understand our partner’s markets and objectives.

We ensure our work in SEO is at the highest of standards and always focused on keeping ahead of current trends (on content creation and PR especially). A key aspect of always achieving the best is open communication. We work closely to our clients to ensure a transparent and direct approach

Maria White,

SEO Manager

We know that ethical, transparent and measurable campaigns are the future of advertising, we’re here to do our part to help shape it. Here’s to the start of something special, and to hoping you will be a part of it.

Dan Curtis, Business Manager


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